Bioclimatic Cottages

Our holiday cottages Los Albardinales have been designed under the guidelines of bioclimatic architecture and respecting the traditional construction of this area of ​​Andalusia. They have been restored on old houses from the early 60’s, nestled in the Tabernas desert, having been carefully remodeled.

The interiors have been lovingly restored and simply decorated in rustic style.

The isolation of the bioclimatic cottages are made of hemp and hydraulic lime in a chamber between the old walls and some slate stone from the Sierra de Los Filabres which are the outer walls. The porches have been finished with wooden beams.

The heating of the houses has been installed by means of a modern system of solar thermal energy, supported by the burning of biomass (olive bone of our mill) in a boiler. The hot water for consumption and sanitary use is obtained by solar energy, installed on the roofs of houses. In addition the air conditioning for the summer is carried out with a modern system of condensation that avoids energy expenditure. The gardens are populated with native species, while in them there are shady pines, olive trees and small ecological orchards. One of the buildings has a vertical garden.

Our cottages Los Albardinales have a large natural pool created on an old pool with a pool that has been designed in a way that stays clean without adding chlorine or other substances, only through natural biological cycles. The water used is recycled for the irrigation of the gardens.